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Nicolai Parlog: Java 9 Is Here!

Java 9 is out and it is more than just the module system (yes, I was surprised, too). In this talk you'll learn about ...

  • nifty new language features
  • new APIs like stack walking and collection factory methods
  • the additions to existing APIs, like Stream , Optional , the Process API, and more
  • Java's REPL, the JShell
  • other niceties like multi-release JARs and performance improvements

The elephant in the room, Jigsaw, will also get its five minutes in the spotlight.

After this talk you will be prepared to finally get started with Java 9's new features.

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Nicolai ist selbständiger Softwareentwicker, Berater, Autor und Trainer. Er schreibt mit Manning The Java Module System, bloggt auf codefx.org und trägt Kleinigkeiten zu verschiedenen Open Source Projekten bei.

Web: codefx.org
Twitter: @nipafx
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